Are you a racing enthusiast?  Does your son or daughter show an interest in racing?  For information about joining a local club and to attend a Fall novice school, contact information is below.  Classes are forming now! 

Honda Performance Update 7/19/14

2015 QMA Safety Sheet
Please be advised of the change to the harness/seatbelts. 2015 will require a 5 point restraint.  Also a reminder that drivers must wear a complete fire suit or jacket/pants.  This was sent out in yesterday's Quarter Reporter from Jody Attuno, National Safety Director.


​Please check the club websites
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Novice School
Season Schedules

 New or renewal subscriptions can be purchased through the link on the website. QMA will receive $5 per new or renewal subscription and then will be distributed to the clubs with the Vega Tire money at the end of the 2015 race season (after end of the year books are closed, Charters and insurance is submitted). Along with the monthly publication, there are daily internet articles. Please have your Publicity Director submit articles to Karen in the National office prior to the 20th of the month for print, who will forward the articles accordingly. Speed Sport was unaware of the quarter midget community until this summer when they covered the Dirt Grands. They are creating a youth racing page and are looking for high quality articles pertaining to the history of the clubs of QMA. 
PLEASE NOTE:  An article, reporting on the 2015 Eastern Grands, will be published in the next (August) 
National Speed Sport News magazine.  Make your order TODAY - use the link above (or below).  Show them our drivers BELONG in their magazine and in the national spotlight!!!

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Weekly Results By Club
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Keystone                                  Oaklane                                              
2015 Eastern Grands
Congratulations to our 2015 Region 2 QMA Grands Winners!!
Eastern Grands
Logan Falini - Junior Novice     Briggs Danner - Senior Animal
Jacob Homnick - Junior Stock    Matt Tobey - Half    Alexander French - B
Justin Grosso - Heavy Honda and Heavy 160
Jack Wehmeyer - AA, Light 160 and Light World Formula
Dirt Grands
Tyler Henry - Light 160
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Candidate resumes on QMA website